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350mA LED Driver with Regulating Power Dissipation

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The ZA8533  is  a high voltage,  low  dropout current  regulator.  The  device  is  to  drive  up  to 350mA  average  current  with  ±5% variation  by an external resistor. ZA8533 can be widely and easily used in various LED lighting applications. Traditional  current  regulators  usually  have  a potential over heat  problem  when  LED  supply voltage  is  far  higher  than  a  required  forward voltage for  a  LED  string. With  an  adaptive  VD voltage adjustment technology,  a  common over-heat  problem  with  current  regulators  will be  eliminated  or  improved  dramatically. However,  a  built-in  thermal protection  is  still made  to  prevent  the  chip  from  the  damage  of over-heat.  To  provide  maximum  system protections  and  more  reliable  solutions  for  the demanding lighting applications, the ZA8533 is also  to  feature  a  LED  short  protection. The ZA8533 is provided in a SOP8-EP package.  

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