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Company Profile

LumenChip Smart Technology company is a company specializing in LED lightingsolutions and components supply enterprises.

LumenChip Smart Technology company has the industry's most complete solutionand the LED driver product line, to meet customer demand as the goal, to provide innovative,customized products and services to global customers, helping customers to achieve sustained profitability and success, building LED lighting market in the future. We work with our customers to provide in-depth communication, unique design view, for the customer careprovide competitive comprehensive LED lighting solutions and products.

LumenChip Smart Technology company by virtue of a strong marketing planningability and rich professional experience in the operation of the LED market, become the Taiwan Zentel Electronics Corp. LED drive products China area sole agent. And other domestic and foreign brands Zentel, Diodes, TI, Silan, XLSEMI, OCS agents.

Zentel Electronics Corp. was invested by Powerchip Group in 2002, is the world's third largestIC FAB (the world's largest twelve inch wafer fab) Powerchip Group's fully owned company,Zentel has a Japanese manufacturers experienced R & D team with decades of experience in the design of local design team, a fully independent design and development capabilities,product development and design ability of Zentel Electronics Corp. the combination of advanced manufacturing technology Powerchip Group with the most advanced productionsecurity, forming a solid and steady supply partners, leading the industry to develop the next generation product. Zentel in 2013, specializing in LED lighting driver IC and intelligent LED light source chip. Zentel Electronics Corp. is a listing Corporation in Taiwan (3553), the headquarters is located in Hsinchu Science Park, in Japan, South Korea, China mainland,Singapore, Europe and North America have business service center.

Semiconductor technology company's main products are LED fluorescent lampdrive chip, drive chip LED lamp, LED bulb lamp driver chip, LED wall washer lamp drivingcore, LED guardrail tube driven IC, drive IC LED street lamp, LED boost IC driver, LED constant current driver, LED driver chip, LED lamp driver IC, PAR lamp driver IC, LED lampdriver IC, LED stage light driven IC, LED corn lamp driver IC, DC/DC step-down constant current drive IC, DC/DC boost constant current drive IC, DC/DC step-down constant current drive IC, DC/DC linear constant current drive IC, AC/DC isolation constant current drive IC,AC/DC non isolated constant current drive IC, AC/DC linear constant current drive IC, LED constant current drive power, field effect transistor MOSFET, high power LED, specialapplication of LED, COB high power LED, UV LED, IR LED, LED radiator shell, special chipcar charger, DC power converter chip.

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