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Introduction Of Manufacturers

OCS is a world-leading Analog , Digital& Mix-mode IC design house. We are singularly focused on delivering the world's and most competitive product lines, the most comprehensive solutions, as well as the most quality services. Since found in 2005, OCS has quickly become one of the world's leading providers of solutions. We have achieved this not only by delivering a new generation of cost-effective ICs, but also providing clients with customized system design-in services and supports. OCS Incorporated is a supplier of high-quality, application-specific standard products to serve the consumer electronics, computing, communications, industrial and automotive markets. OCS product families include: DC/DC converter ICs that provide the supply voltage to a variety of electronic devices. PMU ICs will provide total solutions LED driver ICs, used in lighting displays, such as those found in cellular handsets and handheld computing devices. Hall sensor ICs, including micro power Hall switch used in cellular handsets and handheld devices and Bipolar Hall effect position sensor used in brush-less DC motor. Class AB and Class D audio amplifier ICs, that are well-suited for small form factor and portable electronic devices Linear ICs, such as CMOS LDO Battery Chargers and Protection Devices USB Protection ICs These solutions have already made OCS one of the world's largest suppliers of Analog , Digital& Mix-mode IC in the fields of electric bike, air conditioner, desktop computer main-boards, handsets, digital still cameras, networked communication equipments, large-sized flat panel displays, notebooks, and much more. OCS employs over 150 employees worldwide, located in the United States, Taiwan, China. OCS has also been remarked for its excellent performances of finance, culture and management. So, OCS will have a good future with our partners.

Main Products

一级代理代理灿瑞隔离内置MOS高PF OCP8156 OCP8157 外置MOS OCP8159 非隔离内置MOS OCP8166 OCP8167 外置MOS OCP8169


非隔离式 AC-DC的Buck/APFC+Buck;

高压 Linear+CC;







DC-DC:OCP2185 5-8W 适用于MR16 G4 G9,车灯等


OCP8150 20W-50W原边反馈外驱MOS

OCP8151 3W-7W原边反馈内置1A MOS

OCP8152 3W-7W原边反馈,省辅助绕组

OCP8153 7W-18W高性价比内置2A MOS

OCP8155 12W-24W高性价比内置4A MOS

OCP8159 20W-50W高PF外置MOS


OCP8161A 3W-7W,兼容BP2831A

OCP8162A 5W-18W,兼容BP2832A

OCP8164A 20W-40W高性价比12个元器件

OCP8164A兼容BP2833A OCP8164B兼容BP2833D

OCP8165A 30W-50W高性价比12个元器件

提供方案样品 技术支持欢迎咨询!


如下为OCS的细化型号及简单说明:◆ 灿瑞半导体LED照明电源驱动IC


Part No. 控制方式 输出功率 MOS管 恒流精度 典型效率

OCP8150 PSR+CC 30W 外置 ± 3% 88%

OCP8151 PSR+CC 5W 内置 ± 3% 83%

OCP8152 PSR+CC 5W 内置 ± 3% 83%

OCP8153 PSR+CC 12W 内置 ± 3% 88%

OCP8155 PSR+CC 24W 内置 ± 3% 88%

OCP8157 APFC+CC 7W 内置 ± 3% >90%

OCP8158 APFC+CC 12W 内置 ± 3% 88%

OCP8159 APFC+CC 50W 外置 ± 3% 88%


Part No. 控制方式 输出功率 MOS管 恒流精度 典型效率

OCP8181 Linear+CC 三段7W 内置 ± 3% 95%

OCP8182 Linear+CC 单段5W 内置 ± 3% -


Part No. 控制方式 输出功率 MOS管 恒流精度 典型效率

OCP8163 Buck+CC 30W 外置 ± 3% 92%

OCP8160 Buck+CC 30W 外置 ± 3% 90%

OCP8161 Buck+CC 7W 内置 ± 3% 88%

OCP8162 Buck+CC 18W 内置 ± 3% 90%

OCP8166 APFC+Buck+CC 7W 内置 ± 3% 90%

OCP8167 APFC+Buck+CC 12W 内置 ± 3% 92%

OCP8169 APFC+Buck+CC 30W 外置 ± 3% 92%


Part No. 控制方式 输入电压 输出功率 典型效率 恒流精度

OCP2185 Buck+CC 6V -30V 8W 92% ± 3%

OCP2186 Buck+CC 6V -40V 8W 92% ± 3%

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